PN8603 xPON OLT Hardware Description

Manual Introduction

The PN8600 OLT Hardware Description mainly introduces the hardware structure and features of PN8600 series OLT devices. This Manual contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Chassis: This chapter introduces the device chassis for the PN8600 series, namely the exterior, parameters, casing configuration, ESD jack, ground, fan tray as well as its power distribution and ventilation principles.

Chapter 2 Line Card: This chapter introduces the principles and functions used in the OLT line cards for the PN8600 series OLT.

Chapter 3 Introduction of PN8602E: This chapter introduces the product appearance, parameters, ESD jack, grounding, power distribution principle, and ventilation principle of the PN8600 series.

Chapter 4 Pluggable Module: This chapter introduces the pluggable module types and parameters, and the corresponding relationships with the line cards.

Chapter 5 Cable: This chapter introduces the cables that the device requires, including a view of the physical cables, the connections, applications and technical parameters.

Chapter 6 Electromechanical Device: This chapter introduces external electromechanical devices, namely the functions, panels, input and output terminals as well as the device parameters.

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