PN8603 xPON OLT Test Case


"PN8600 series of optical access to the central office aggregation test cases" mainly describes the PN8600 series of system performance, networking capabilities and management capabilities to ensure that systems and equipment can meet the operational needs of business support. During the operation, please read this manual carefully to avoid possible operational problems or if the configuration is lost and the business is out of order. This manual contains the following sections:

Chapter 1 Test Overview. Introduce the test environment and equipment, testers.

Chapter 2 EPON Physical Layer Interface Testing. Introduce the PON interface test of OLT and ONU.

Chapter 3 EPON Functional Testing. Introducing Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation DBA and System Quality of Service QoS Test.

Chapter 4 Ethernet Layer 2 Features. Introduces EPON System Ethernet Layer 2 functionality.

Chapter 5 Multicast Functionality Test. Introduce the functional test of the system in different multicast modes.

Chapter 6 Ethernet Performance Testing. Introduce system throughput, forwarding delay, packet loss rate test.

Chapter 7 System Maintenance Functions. Introduce the system maintenance function test.

Chapter 8 System Reliability Testing. Introduce the system master protection, power protection and backbone optical fiber protection test.

Chapter 9 AAA Function Test. Introduce the AAA function test.

Chapter 10 Three-level functional testing. Introduce the system three functional test.

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