Sumavision can provide a full range of services and supports for our VIP customers

1 Technical Telephone Support

In the service request time, customer can call through the Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd.’s technical support hotline to apply the telephone technical support. Technical telephone support only accepts theservice-requestsbefore16:00 o’clock during business hours(Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT +8, Monday - Friday excluding PRC Holidays).Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. support willgive a responsewithin 2hourswhen thetechnical supporthotline received service-requests. Fortheservice requestreceivedafter16:00 onworking days, wewillrespond before10:00 AM of the next working day.According tothe telephone communicationagreed to consider continually support foronline oron-site technicalsupport.

2 On-Line Support

On-Line support includes email, skype, MSN, remote access etc. Email is the best communication way for normal technical problem inquiry and non-urgent situation. All Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. engineers will check their email in time, you will receive emails from our engineer who is in charge of this market, and they have rich experience on trouble shooting of the problem mentioned in your email (Please use thetelephone support for emergency). At the same time these problems will record into our service database and tracked for solution. Besides, we also provide Skype, MSN, remote access and so on for on line support. The control of remote accessis depended on the system network security. Therefore the clientsystem of remote accessmustbe configured according tothe requirementsin order to allow Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. technical support engineerfor remotetroubleshooting. Customer should be responsible for providing telephone line, internet cable or VPN for remote access.

3 On-Site Support

After receiving thetechnical support requests from customers, if thetelephone supportor remote support cannot resolve the technical problems of equipmentandthe recognition of the need togoon-site support is negotiated by both parties, Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. engineerwill be sentto the on-siteto help customers troubleshooting. The arriving time will be basic on the visa application and travel date. During the on-site troubleshooting process, customer should arrange the professional local technical engineers who will cooperate with Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. engineer to provide relevant information and the auxiliary equipment might be used.

After solving the problem, customers can request an on-site training. Trainees are the person who are responsible for on-site system management and technical maintain. The content of training is the present fault-related or the daily routine maintenance related information, the specific content andtimeis determined by the negotiating parties on-site. The venues and facilities for on-site training should be provided by customers.

4 Faulty equipment maintenance

After online or on-site troubleshooting and the problem are determined by our engineer as a hardware problem, the faulty equipment or parts will be repaired accord to the situation. If there is a faulty hardware or parts need to be repair, the cost related to the maintenance and transportation will be undertook by customer.

5 Problem Recording& Tracking

All problems, issues or requests from customers will be recordedin Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. Customer Support Database. This database is Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd.'s central point of reference for support and technical issues, and a case number will assign to every call or customer issue. The technical support group of Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. will continually monitor the status of all cases and focuses on the solution of fast and accurate for each case. Topvision Technologies Co., Ltd. guaranty to provide fast and professional response to our contract customers.

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