Topvision officially launched CC8800-F-U2 products, which flexibly support DOCSIS3.0 64DS*12US and DOCSIS 3.1 6*OFDM DS and 2*2*OFDMA US and cooperate with the controller server to achieve the DCA architecture.

Topvision achieved big success in Japanese Market.


Topvision officially launched CC8810F and CC8810F products, which flexibly support 32DS*10US and DOCSIS 3.1 and cooperate with the controller server to achieve the DCA architecture.

Topvision's GPON and EPON products simultaneously passed professional tests specified in YDT-3059-2016-Technical Requirements for Broadband Universal Service Dedicated Fixed Customer Premise Equipment.

Based on emerging FTTH projects on China's agriculture networks, Topvision promoted fully industrial-grade field OLT products integrated with high-power amplified units, which have been successfully put into commercial use in Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, and other cities.

Topvision promoted the R-CCAP solution, further enhancing coaxial network access capabilities.


Topvision was granted with the first ABP certificate in the radio and television industry, promoting ABP certification of PON products in China's radio and television industry.

As a drafting unit of C-FTTH, Topvision actively participated in drafting GY/T 306-2017 Specification for Fiber to the Home of CATV Network.

Over 80,000 CCMTS products of Topvision have been shipped to apply to networks of over 20 provinces in China. The bidding rate exceeds 90%.


Topvision's CCMTS products gained multiple international certificates, including RoHS, CB, CE, WEEE, and FCC.

Topvision products were widely used outside China.


Topvision's 10G EPON line cards were launched. Topvision devoted itself to GPON product development.

Topvision made more efforts in PON product R&D. Based on features of radio and television operators, Topvision launched full-scenario full-series FTTx solutions.

Topvision led the cooperation with Cable Labs, officially specifying C-DOCSIS as an international standard. In addition, Topvision first deployed C-DOCSIS outside China, and over 10,000 CCMTS products have been shipped worldwide.


Topvision's C-DOCSIS solution gained recognition from all operators in China. The market share of CCMTS products has reached 72.7%, and over 8,000 CCMTS products have been shipped worldwide.


Topvision successfully signed the first C-DOCSIS agreement with ABS, SAPPRFT.

Topvision served as a core member of the C-DOCSIS standard group. It first passed SAPPRFT tests and officially put the products into commercial use. C-DOCSIS become a national NGB broadband access system standard.


Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd was listed on GEM Board (stock code: 300079). In the same year, Topvision Technology Co., Ltd was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary.


Sumavision Group promoted bidirectional network services oriented to the radio and television industry.

Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd was founded.