Ding video CCMTS equipment won the bid for Harbin radio and television procurement projects

Recently, China's digital TV and triple play leading enterprises - Digital Video Group's, the leading domestic triple play system integrators - tripod Video Technology Co., Ltd. CCMTS series of products in Harbin Yuansheng Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. access network system Equipment (CMC) procurement project successfully won the bid.

Harbin Yuan Shen network is the provincial level network, covering millions of users, after a long period of technical considerations, the final use of C-DOCSIS technical route to implement the city's radio and television two-way network transformation project. CCMTS with its cost-effective, multi-service, high bandwidth, rich management tools, mature market cases, improve after-sales service system and other advantages, in a number of competitors in the market come to the fore. Dingchou video CCMTS fully tap and use of radio and television network has been deployed in large-scale coaxial cable resources, greatly enhance the value of radio and television networks for the next step in Harbin Yuan Shen network cable two-way network has made a significant contribution to its two-way network Change has taken a solid step forward.

Dingxian Video Technology Co., Ltd. is a digital video technology group's focus on cable TV network transformation of a wholly owned subsidiary for cable operators to provide a full set of coaxial two-way broadband solutions, with the following four major advantages:

1, Application: As the drafting unit of C-DOCSIS standard, the CCMTS solution has served a number of provincial network companies including Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Guangxi, Guangdong and Henan. More than 20 provinces and cities to complete the equipment network test, accounting for 80% of the market share.

2, the technical aspects: C-DOCSIS for the cable network operators to provide a small line transformation, the overall performance of high solutions. The solution combines the advantages of DOCSIS and PON, which can meet the bandwidth, quality and stability requirements of users for a long period of time. D-point video provides C-DOCSIS solution equipment indicators and functions to achieve the top domestic level, and in the network management, operation and maintenance, and so highly user-friendly, widely recognized by the majority of operators.

3, experience: the tripod video C-DOCSIS solution has been large-scale commercial deployment, shipments have more than 14,000 units in the domestic and international markets with a large number of successful cases, with rich experience in operation and management, and in the Practice in the ongoing exploration and improvement, more suitable for radio and television operators applications.

4, the service: tripod video in each province are deployed after-sales service center, in the local resident engineers, to quickly and efficiently for operators to provide quality after-sales service. In particular, the large-scale deployment of the early, tripod video will send someone to the local, responsible for installation and maintenance and technical guidance.