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Topvision CC8800-F-U2 is a high-performance and cost-effective cable network edge device, which is designed based on DOCSIS 3.1, and compatible with DOCSIS 3.0/ DOCSIS 2.0/ C-DOCSIS.

  • CC8800-F-U2 is mainly composed of DOCSIS module, power module and RF module.

    ● DOCSIS module: provide 10G Combo SFP+ Interface, support 10G EPON/XG(S)-PON/10GE uplink

    ● Support DOCSIS/EQAM function

    ● RF module: provide optical receiver module of RF platform module

    ● Power module: Local power supply(AC110/ AC220V) or Cable-based power supply(AC60/ AC90V)

    ● (Optional)CWDM module

    ● (Optional) Industrial grade SFP optical module

  • Features

    ●  Compatible with DOCSIS 3.1/ 3.0/ 2.0/ C-DOCSIS, thus the existing investment is protected ●  Support DAA access architecture, support operation and management though remote dis…