Digital video "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" products into the Shanxi province network

Recently, China's largest digital TV and triple play leading enterprises - Digital Video Group's wholly-owned subsidiary of the tripod video "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" and "ultra-optical network-PON", in Shanxi Radio and Television Information Network (Group ) Limited liability company access network transformation project in the successful finalists, will soon be deployed to a number of cities in Shanxi Province, the finalists of the project is the province of Shanxi province radio and television network "broadband network reform" strategy of the first battle.

With the triple play, NGB and other national strategies to promote the implementation of radio and television networks as a national information infrastructure and triple play the main force, facing a two-way test. Shanxi Radio and Television Information Network (Group) Co., Ltd. has been in the two-way radio and television network work, the digital video finalists, will help Shanxi Province radio and television network fast and efficient two-way network change work, so that Shanxi people enjoy high-speed information life.

The "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" through CCMTS to achieve 800Mb / s high-speed access, thus breaking the current network CMTS equipment bandwidth bottleneck, help the next phase of Shanxi Province to carry out high-bandwidth business. After the implementation of the project, Shanxi people in addition to continue to watch the traditional digital TV programs, but also enjoy the two-way radio and television networks based on interactive TV, cable broadband and other new business, will also achieve radio and television, Internet, home entertainment, information services And other integrated business access, not only greatly reduce the total cost of home information, reduce duplication of construction, user-friendly, but also to achieve a radio and television from "watching TV" to "TV" a huge change, so that TV truly become a home multimedia information terminal .

Since 2012, digital video in line with C-DOCSIS ultra-optical network products successively winning Zhejiang Huazhen Group, Jiangsu Kunshan, Shanxi Yangquan City, and many other operators, while in Beijing Gehua, Tianjin TEDA, Inner Mongolia, Hebei Province Network, Zhejiang network, Zhejiang China, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, network and other provinces and cities, municipal operators conducted a commercial test and trial operation, has been unanimously approved by the operator. Digital video ultra-optical network solutions, lower than the traditional optical fiber access costs, maintenance more convenient, more advantages for the next stage of radio and television cable network business development laid the hardware foundation. In August 2012, C-DOCSIS standard, digital video ultra-optical network products, has been through the SARFT all the tests, and the first to achieve large-scale layout, digital video has become the first C-DOCSIS standard products supplier. As of the end of 2011, there are 160 million cable TV users, of which 94% of users have not yet achieved broadband two-way network transformation, to achieve triple play, we must complete a national two-way network transformation and integration, the scale of investment is expected to reach 100 billion yuan.