Ultra-optical network-EPON and ultra-optical network-CCMTS both successful Academy of Sciences NGB project

China's largest digital TV and triple play leading enterprises - Digital Video Group's wholly-owned subsidiary Ding Duo video is responsible for the construction of the State Grid General Administration of Radio Science Research Institute next generation radio and television network test platform equipment purchase project, is currently officially announced delivery The

The construction of the experimental platform marks the next generation of radio and television network access network technology has been achieved commercial and product. Digital video "ultra-optical network-EPON" and "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" is the core component of the project, responsible for the completion of the next generation of radio and television network access network transformation platform.

The "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" in this project is the first C-DOCSIS product in China to be tested by the General Planning Office. The "Ultra-Optical Network-EPON" supports standards such as CTC 3.0 and conforms to the C-DOCSIS standard of SARFT. In addition to EPON + CCMTS wired network transformation program, the ultra-optical network also includes WiFi signal, 3G signal indoor wireless coverage program.

It is understood that the project uses the most advanced international radio and television access network transformation technology standards - C-DOCSIS, the use of high-bandwidth data access to protect the 100 trillion user bandwidth, to achieve end-to-end QoS protection, from the optical network to the same Axis network each has a perfect business security mechanism, and in the "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" in the completion of the business security docking. The platform can carry operational video, voice and data services at the same time, so that business identification, isolation, speed limit; and to achieve a unified system management, large-scale mass deployment, you can complete real-time equipment monitoring, real-time fault detection, real-time failure deal with.

In addition, the project to achieve the intelligent operation and maintenance, "ultra-optical network-CCMTS" plug and play, intelligent configuration, reduce the convergence noise, improve the DOCSIS system products, network adaptability, compatible with all DOCSIS 2.0 / 3.0 ; At the same time without fiber extension, significantly reduce investment costs, save back fiber resources.

So far, the tripod video EPON and CCMTS products have been completed eight provincial operators and ten municipal operators of the real network test work in the network stable operation time has more than 4000 hours. C-DOCSIS standard first formal landing, related product program has matured and gradually become the mainstream of radio and television access network transformation program, by radio and television operators a wide range of attention and recognition.