Digital video ultra-optical network, signed the first single cable broadband business

Recently, digital video (300079) strategic products "ultra-optical network" signed a cable two-way broadband business first single, for the Chinese 5A-level Huangshan Scenic Area to provide a set of broadband two-way network transformation solutions, fully involved in the construction of "Digital Huangshan" project The As a new low-cost network transformation solution suitable for triple play network, ultra-optical network technology has been paid close attention to the industry since its birth. After three years of research and development, "ultra-optical network" technology will be the first official Commercial. The successful implementation of the entire Huangshan scenic area, marking the ultra-optical products officially out of the experimental test phase, has been put on the market capacity, so the industry known as the triple play after the first ultra-optical cable broadband project.

Low cost to achieve 100 times the home and wireless coverage

Digital video ultra-optical network to CCMTS as the core support technology, "fiber access, coaxial conversion", can achieve 100 megabytes of broadband home, indoor WIFI wireless coverage, and 3G, 4G signal green health into each household The

Ultra-optical network technology compared to other broadband network technology has the greatest advantage of low cost conversion, the difficulty is small. Because the effective use of the existing coaxial cable in the family, without the need for wall wiring and home construction, significantly reduce the cost of home and reduce nuisance; central office equipment costs: to the household, the cost per trillion bandwidth and Other retrofit schemes are still the lowest compared to. At the same time ultra-optical network wireless coverage signal radiation is only one thousandth of the phone, is the most green wireless network.

The speculation that the emergence of ultra-optical network or will break over the years of "broadband puzzle", so that China's Fast trillion home, wireless coverage really out of the concept, into the family.

Three years dormant, Huangshan scenic area started the first shot

Ultra-optical network R & D process testing process, by the leaders at all levels of concern, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Qi, General Administration of Radio, Film and Television Cai Chao, Minister of Industry and Trade Miao and so on have visited the ultra-optical network project. After 3 years of research and development, 1 year after the stability test, the ultra-optical network products to complete the large-scale pre-production preparation, in January 2012 officially signed sales, and ultra-optical network to change the first single The first batch of state-level scenic area - Huangshan Scenic Area, for the entire Huangshan scenic area to provide broadband two-way network construction of the overall solution. This is also the "digital Huangshan" construction project in Anhui Province, the basic part of the economic and social dual benefits.

Super-optical network of the first single to bite a hard bone, and the domestic provinces and cities of different provinces, Huangshan scenic terrain conditions limited by the construction of great difficulty, the scenic area peaks and ridges, the technical stability, product adaptability and construction Quality made a very high demand. Ultra-optical network with its own characteristics, in many network reform program to win, as Huangshan scenic two-way network project to the exclusive contractor.

The market prospect is broad and the enterprise strategy is of great significance

At present, the domestic 200 million cable TV users, only 10 million households to carry out the initial two-way network transformation, while the number of cable broadband users only a few million, there are 85% of the network needs to be modified, according to 700 yuan per household transformation Cost estimates, the next few years, China's net change market will have 90 billion scale.

At present, digital and digital network integration encountered many difficulties, one of the most important problem is the operator scattered and uneven strength, and thus in the integration of the road showing a rural encircle the city, small network surrounded by large network situation. Two-way network transformation is also facing the same situation, the development track may be similar. The Huangshan successful bidder, for digital video two-way network to open up the market will have a positive impact.

As a digital video to participate in triple play an important step forward, the next 6-8 years, ultra-optical network will bring more than 15 billion yuan in sales revenue, 10-20 billion yuan of profits, which became the company's new important source of profits. Due to the long-term advantage of the ultra-optical network and the forward-looking layout of the industry chain, Forbes Chinese version of the 2012 China potential business list, digital video selected China's most potential 100 listed companies.