PN8603 xPON OLT Operations and Maintenance Manual

Manual Introduction

The PN8600 OLT Operations and Maintenance Manual mainly introduces basic knowledge of PN8600 series OLT, basic operations of command lines, system & device, and configurations of port, ONU, VLAN, IP features, multicast, routing, security performance and performance management. Please read this Manual carefully to aviod possible problems on operation or loss of configurations, and service disconnection. This Manual contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Command Lines. Introduce command line views and other basic information.

Chapter 2: Log in Device. Introduce the operation of the login device.

Chapter 3: Device Upgrade Management. Introduce the device upgrades.

Chapter 4: Device Management. Introduce equipment management..

Chapter 5: Interface Management Configuration. Introduce Interface management.

Chapter 6: Link Aggregation Configuration. Introduce Trunk link aggregation operations.

Chapter 7: VLAN Configuration. Introduce OLT VLAN configuration management.

Chapter 8: RSTP Configuration. Introduce RSTP configuration management.

Chapter 9: DHCP Relay Configuration Management. Introduce DHCP Relay and DHCP Snooping configurations in EPON+ONU network condition.

Chapter 10: ARP Configuration. Introduce static ARP and ARP agents operations.

Chapter 11: Routing Configuration. Introduce routing configuration operation.

Chapter 12: MPLS VPN Configuration. Introduce static MPLS, MPLS LDP and L2VPN configuration.

Chapter 13: ACL Configuration. Introduce ACL operation.

Chapter 14: Network Monitoring and Management. Introduce network monitoring and management operations.

Chapter 15: Multicast Configuration Management. Introduce IGMP and PIM Configuration Management,

Chapter 16: QoS configuration. Introduce QoS configuration management operations.

Chapter 17: Security Performance Configuratrion. Introduce MAC address table configuration management, QoS configuration management, anti DHCP spoofing, URPF configuration, anti ARP attacks, IP binding and PPPoE+ configuration management operations.

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